Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Local matters, especially in antiques!

In our newest column, we talk about how a grassroots movement, a la the local food movement, may be very useful in galvanizing interest in antiques beyond traditional collectors. Here are some of our favorite spots, both antiques and not, that focus on "local":

Garth's Auctions, of course, and their annual Ohio Valley Auctions in May
Jeffrey S. Evans and Associates, they have great focus on Shenandoah Valley antiques and arts
Neal Auctions and the Historic New Orleans Collection, both great places for NOLA stuff

Local Matters, a great central Ohio local food resource
Sippel Family Farm, where we get our produce (you likely have CSAs in your area...check them out)
3/50 Project, great plan to support your local businesses

These represent just a tiny scratch in the surface. What local places do you enthusiastically support?


Nicole Belolan said...

What a great connection. I am a huge fan of the New Castle Farmers Market in Delaware. Local food + outdoor flea market=heaven for locavores and pickers!

Hollie and Andrew said...

We lived in New Castle when I was a student at Winterthur. Sadly, we didn't make it to the farmer's market much. We still get to Jessop's whenever we're in town.