Monday, May 23, 2011

The First Midwest Antiques Forum

I'll admit, with only 35 paid attendees, we were a teensy bit disappointed going into last weekend's inaugural event, but once folks arrived and the enthusiasm filled the room, any disappointment quickly dissipated.

We don't want to boast, but I think we can say that the MAF was a tremendous success. The speakers were fantastic, and they showcased some tremendously important objects. (Really, have you ever seen 18th century carved furniture from Indiana?? Or 1890s wardrobes made by Euro-Russian Mennonites in Kansas? Okay, I have a thing for wardrobes, check out the Oldenburg, Indiana example below.) And the crowd more than made up for the small-ish size with their unsurpassed enthusiasm.

Many kudos to our speakers, our gracious host (the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio), our sponsors (, Garth's, Cowan's, Maine Antique Digest, Antique Week, and the Ohio Historical Decorative Arts Association), our conference staff (Jennifer Castle, Mimi Morgan, Cheryl-Lynn May, and Kristin Crump), and everyone else who helped make the MAF such a success. I think we may have started something here....

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