Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In honor (?) of Indedependence Day....

And as a preview for our upcoming column, we invite you to read this article about the sorry state of history knowledge in America.

We've heard lots of folks grumble about how "young people just don't care about history," and clearly this article suggests that the lack of history knowledge is far more widespread. What do you think? Has this played a role in the diminishing interest in antiques? And if so, what's the solution?

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james conrad said...

I dont think so as the History channel is one the most popular shows on cable TV. Sure, some of the stuff is hokey like ice road truckers or some such but still, they have really well presented history programs as well. Naturally, I am not buying the argument that lack of interest in history generally is a leading cause of lack of interest in antique ownership, i'd argue its primarily a marketing problem.