Monday, November 9, 2009

A busy couple of weeks!

Once again, I (Andrew) must apologize for the delay in posting. On October 31, Garth's had a firearms and militaria auction. It was a screamer, I'm pleased to say. We exceeded the high estimate of the sale by 10% and sold guns to buyers around the globe. It was a truly exceptional collection of early weapons and we were pleased to have been able to offer them. (BTW...we're not done with this collection yet!) Two strong sales in a row for Garth's...and Skinner's sale this past weekend was a good one. Methinks the market is on the upswing!

Then, last week, it was off to Delaware for Hollie and I. We did the Winterthur paintings conference and the Delaware Antiques Show. It's always a little like going home whenever we are in northern Delaware. Saw some old friends (both objects AND people) and made some new ones. I learned some nifty things in the conference workshops and we saw plenty of sales happening at the show. And we had a great time at dinner with friends at Jessop's Tavern in New Castle.

And so ends our travel for 2009, aside from the usual family visits at the holidays. It's been a busy year...over 20,000 miles on the road. We look forward to about 2 months off from travel, but I must admit...I'm already getting excited for Americana Week in New York!


james conrad said...

Off thread but antique people are getting mocked from ad agency folks, i just got this Twitter from MAD. TOO FUNNY, though i doubt Mad thinks so.

Hollie and Andrew said...

Poking fun at antiques and antiquers is commonplace in pop culture. We laugh along with everyone else, but it certainly does indicate that antiques are NOT hip, chic, cool, etc. Hence, we have few you collectors.