Sunday, November 15, 2009

Antiques for holiday gifts?

Yep, now that the Halloween jack-0-lanterns are just starting to collapse on themselves, it is now officially time to think about the holidays. Lights and trees are up everywhere, and Jingle Bells can be heard at nearly every retail establishment.

Anyone out there giving an antique as a holiday gift? Or usually receive an antique as a gift? Hollie and I usually include antiques in our gift giving. Last year, my lovely wife got me a wonderful folk art frame from David Good (that is currently hanging on the wall above me). And several years ago, I purchased entirely antiques...for everyone in the family. Nothing I gave that year was less than 100 years old. Just small things...trinkets really, but the response was great.

Think about antiques as gifts. Know a young person who likes art and/or history? You can find them very neat antiques for less than $50. Try it and see if you can't hook them!


Anonymous said...

My family is doing a second-hand Christmas this year. Everything has to used and under $20. It has been a lot of fun scouring antique malls and rummage sales for the perfect second-hand gift: a 1930s bread box for my sister; a blown-glass pitcher for grandma; a 1920s edition of Plato's Republic for my sister-in-law; etc. They are not high-dollar items but they are unique.

Hollie and Andrew said...

And, of course, we can mention that antiques or other recycled or second-hand gifts are very eco-friendly! Christmas is a great time to be green!