Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another victim of the economy...

If you have lived in Ohio, then you may be familiar with Norka Futons. The firm started in Akron (write the letters N-O-R-K-A backwards) and then spread to Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, they have closed their doors. Turns out they can no longer provide their customers with the quality futons they have been selling, so it was either start selling cheap Chinese imports or close up.

What made Norka futons so good, and what does this have to do with antiques?

Norka futons were quality, made of solid wood, made in America (Pennsylvania to be exact) and they were made and sold by an American small business. The ONLY piece of new furniture we have in our house is a Norka futon.

Well, folks...know what? Antiques are quality. Antique furniture is made of solid wood (no such thing as 18th-century particle board). And if you want American-style furniture, 99% of antique, American-style furniture was made in America. And finally, 99.9% of all antiques can only be purchased at locally owned, small businesses. And what antiques have that even a Norka futon doesn't is resale value.

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