Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Big Dance Part 2

So, we only made it to 3 shows. Just didn't have time for Antiques at the Armory or the Pier Show...just too darn much to do in NY for 4 days.

We started at The American Antique Show (aka, the TAAS Show or the Folk Art Show), which is always a good one. Strong country and folk, but not exorbitant prices. Great burl from Steve Powers, interesting tramp art from Cliff Wallach, and an exciting seed chest from Hill Gallery (to look at this seed chest, you'd think Soap Hollow, but it's northern Indiana). There were a healthy amount of red stickers, and even Martha Stewart was there.

The Winter Show (the BIG show) is always a treat to attend, though it had a much different flavor this year. In years past, Leigh Keno and Sumpter Priddy have flanked the show's entrance, but both have retired from this show. This year, you could buy anything from 17th century armor to an Egyptian sarcophagus to an American Indian pot to a Stickley chair. Great variety, great objects, very high prices (read: not quite as many red stickers).

My favorite show continues to be the Ceramics Fair, which is funny since we aren't ceramics collectors. However, I just find that a focused show like that provides the best opportunity to learn. And it's always good to see what treasures the Stradlings and Ian Simmonds have brought. The MESDA exhibit there included the cute, little NC turtle flask they just purchased, as well as another couple dozen animal-form Moravian flasks. Plenty of red stickers were seen there as well.

If you've not been to Americana Week, you should go at least once. It's a great opportunity to see some great objects, and the sales and shows are often a good barometer of the market and can set the tone for the coming year. Based on last week, I think 2010 is going to be a good year.

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