Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sorry we were MIA...it was auction week.

The economy is alive and well, at least in Delaware, Ohio. Garth's Annual Labor Day Auction was a blazing success...about 700 lots, over $800,000 in sales. Top lot was this:

Navajo Horse Race by Frank Tenney Johnson (California, 1874-1939), sold for $196,250. Click HERE to hear the bidding.

Guns were also attracting huge interest. Part 1 of a southern collection of firearms and edged weapons, estimated to bring about $50,000-70,000, brought $170,000. More of these to come later this fall.

It's almost time for Deerfield!! Anyone going to be there?

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Unknown said...

Hmm...guns and western art as the big sellers. I'm going to try not to read too much into that as a barometer of the current zeitgeist.

When will you be in Deerfield? Need to schedule it on my oh-so-busy calendar!