Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Young folks DO like antiques!!

For you curmudgeons who don't think that the younger generation isn't interested in antiques or history, check this out:

We went to Connecticut last weekend for the wedding of a couple of very good friends. The wedding was in an historic barn at the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum in Wethersfield. So, in the midst of a complex of great 18th-century houses, these two 30ish folks got hitched. The needlework embroidery above is their chuppah (marriage canopy in a Jewish wedding), which they made themselves based on a tree of life embroidered picture (made by young Mary King of Philadelphia) at the Winterthur Museum.

Now pay attention...these are your potential young collectors. Why aren't they collecting now? Same as so many 20- and debt, tough job market, trying to save a few pennies to start a family or for the long term. We need to spend some serious energy reinvigorating the middle market, because for folks like these (and, frankly, us), that's our entry point into the wonderful world of collecting.

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kellilu said...


Marvelous post. This is exactly why I linked to you guys on a "young collectors" post that I wrote for the Print Shop blog - hope you don't mind. (c:

And oh my, what a lovely chuppah! Great, great idea.