Monday, March 30, 2009

Please comment! Continue the dialogue!

Folks--we're sorry. Blogger's default setting is to require folks to be registered users in order to post comments. We have corrected this--now ANYONE can comment, even anonymously. We'll still be moderating, but I can't imagine what you would say that we wouldn't post!

So....let's get discussing!


John W said...

thought you might like to read this blog post of mine about an under-20 year old successful antique collector.

james conrad said...

I gave your blog a plug over at John Werry's blog, Rare Victorian, i was thinking i would at Peter Follansby's blog as well but peter's is mostly green woodworkers who dont collect.There are very few blogs on collecting antique furniture and, with every dealer i know complaining about new clients, one who think at least a FEW (or one!) would have one.

Blogging is hard work isnt it and, a struggle to gain readers/viewers?You might consider a wordpress format where commenters dont have to sign in everytime they post.

I keep wondering when someone is going to start an early american furniture blog, say 1730-1830.

Hollie and Andrew said...

Thanks for the plugs! Blogging is hard work! But it's the kind of grass-roots efforts we think we need in the antiques business to get some new interest. Traditional marketing just doesn't seem to be attracting new blood.

We'll check out Wordpress....

Lewis said...

In discovering your blog I found it interesting but typical that the antiques industry doesn't know how to promote itself to young people.

The most glaring issue for dealers is the lack of a representative organization that can promote the dealers and their special inventory to young people. Dealers need to focus on the young, as a giant, untapped market, and as a source for bringing good pieces to market.

I write a blog, I comment on issues and problems in the industry that young collectors/dealers might find intersting and informative. One dealt specifically with young collectors: