Thursday, January 1, 2009

We're not old, but our stuff is!

We're atypical thirty-somethings. We don't live in some hip apartment downtown furnished by Pottery Barn, and we don't live in a 3-bedroom, 2 1/2-bath in the 'burbs with 2.2 children. Nope, not us. We live in a 19th-century schoolhouse furnished with stuff older than our great-grandparents.

But, it's to be expected. Andrew is an antiques auctioneer and historian of early American furniture, and Hollie is librarian who works for an Internet antiques price database. Fortunately, we rather enjoy being different. And that's good, because in our business, we are somewhat of a novelty because we are under 50. We spend many of our weekends at auctions and antique shows, and generally we have the least amount of gray hair of anyone there.

A little over a year ago, we started writing a column in the monthly newspaper Maine Antique Digest about the antiques and art marketplace from the perspective of a couple of its younger participants. You can read our archived columns at MAD's website ( Here, you'll be able to read stuff that just couldn't quite fit in our regular columns, such as notes on our trips to shows and auctions, tidbits that we see and here about in the marketplace, and we'll address some of the letters and emails we get in response to our columns (we are big fans of open dialogue).

We also hope that this foray into cyberspace will attract other young folks with an interest in history, antiques, and art. We're always looking to make contact with folks who share our interests! So, thanks for reading, and happy New Year!


John W said...

Kudos to starting your new blog. I've read you at MAD and enjoy your articles.

I too am a young collector (young being a relative term) and a mutual antique blogger -

My blog(s) are my attempt to marry the "gadgetry and techy stuff" of the younger generation with the typewriter era of the antique world.

We "young collectors" will have the unique ability to bridge the old and the new. To leverage Twitter, RSS, Youtube, Flickr, Facebook in the last place one expects it to be - antiques.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to collecting blogging. I read your article "Collecting on Your Own Terms" and thought I would stop by.
Keep up the good work.
Scott King
Auctioneer/Collecting blogger

Joey said...

Nice articles! I'm a young collector too (I love a field where 39 can be considered young!) and I'm definitely seeing how these newer media channels have affected the field. Almost everything I have in my collection has been acquired online. Not because that's the way I prefer it, but because it's so much easier for me.

Now, with blogs I've found a community of people that share the same interests as me.

Here's mine:

Keep up the good work!